• Ammar Hassan

    Ammar Hassan

    Amazon Affiliate Blogger and Freelance Writer. For assistance and services contact me at ammarhassan700@icloud.com/ Visit my Website — https://menhairline.com

  • Gem Jackson

    Gem Jackson

    Writer and educator in law and philosophy. Also wrote a book.

  • Giuliano Tavaroli

    Giuliano Tavaroli

  • shaheen alrashedi

    shaheen alrashedi

  • Whitney Hope

    Whitney Hope

    31 Divorced, painfully poor & blindingly white, philosopher of the 'The Wood' #LeeCamp Is My Future Husband.

  • Paulius Uza

    Paulius Uza

    Building world’s largest fractionalized blue chip cryptoart gallery @foreverlands. Views are my own. Tweets @pauliusuza

  • Shrekgrinch


  • Daniel Sanchez

    Daniel Sanchez

    World and people optimist. Philosophy, tech and experience are my passion

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